a photo of one of the Inga's works

Welcome to the website of Inga Likšaitė

This is the webpage of the artist Inga Liksaite, from Kaunas, Lithuania.

You'll find here the pictures of Inga's works, the list of the past and current exhibitions and awards, and also the artist's contact information.

Some time ago I began combining digital technologies with time-honored textilemaking techniques. Soon I found out that combination of coldness and precision of the former with softness and relative inaccuracy of the latter delivers interesting and technically productive results. For a few years now, my works originate at this intersection of sophisticated and refined contemporary technologies on the one hand and a very simple and straightforward technique of sewing machine stitching on the other.

It is not the same picture one sees when one is standing in a close proximity to the actual work when textile's tactility and surface quality dominates the eye and when one is standing at a distance when the image itself can be contemplated.

Inga Liksaite